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Why so many Macs in Starbucks?


Ever sat in Starbucks and analysed computer use? Over the past week I’ve been keeping a record out of interest. In the laptop category MacBooks outnumbered non-Macs 4 to 3. On the tablet front it was no contest–Apple holds 100% of MacBucks. If you worked solely on market share you’d expect to find ten PCs to every one Mac. Maybe Apple fans have a particular passion for StarBooks, or maybe it’s just a reflection of the real world. Who knows? But it’s interesting to see nonetheless.


  1. Funny you posted about this – I have also been tracking this for the last couple of months informally. I agree that in the tablet market all I see is iPads. For phones I see a split about 50/50 between iphones and blackberrys. In the personal computer space I am seeing a 3:1 ration of macs to pc's. As I wait in line I am always taking an informal count.


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