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How to use Evernote as the heart of your GTD system


Evernote has had a place in my life for several years. It’s a convenient place to dump interesting web pages and reference documents. But I’ve never seriously looked at it as the basis of a system—for that I rely on OmniFocus. I’ve never really figured out just how Evernote could be used as a GTD¹ workflow. Yesterday I came across an old item on 40tech.com and I make no apologies for dredging it up. The article gives a clear overview of how to set up a working system within Evernote. I’m a sucker for a good system and, although I don’t think I could give up my addiction to OmniFocus, you might be tempted by the idea of an efficient and free GTD system within Evernote. I’d also recommend a look at the article comparing Evernote with Springpad, a new competitor for the venerable notekeeper.

Brett Kelly has produced a wonderful step-by-step guide to Evernote and you can find it here.


¹ Getting Things Done


  1. Thanks for this. I've opened a Licorize account and done a very quick read of the facilities. It seems to be focused on keeping bookmarks rather than on handling tasks and projects in the same way as OmniFocus. It does have possibilities, though, and I will see if it has a place in my workflow. Sometimes, though, there are just too many applications and it can get confusing. Do you use it regularly and what is your experience? If you like, submit an article and I will publish it under your name, subject to suitability of course.



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