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OmniFocus not too complicated, manages your life


For those of you who believe OmniFocus is too complicated or difficult to get to grips with, here’s an interesting link to Stephen Hackett’s great article on his blog, Forkbombr.net. Like all of us, Stephen has dallied with a number of task-management systems, including 2Do, the excellent iPhone app that makes a good stab at handling sophisticated project-management in a small package. After writing off OmniFocus as overkill last September, Stephen has now come full circle and embraced Omni Group’s award-winning project manager.

This strikes a chord with me. Only a few months ago I started using 2Do after reading a press review and I really loved it. The problem was that it was only on my iPhone (I didn’t have an iPad at the time) and had no acceptable sychronisation with a Mac application. It does sync tasks with Apple’s iCal but this offers only a flawed window on the otherwise capable 2Do’s features. OmniFocus, on the other hand, runs on Mac, iPad, iPhone and syncs rapidly and reliably via MobileMe or, as I am trying at the moment, via the company’s own beta sync server. I’ve reluctantly given up on 2Do and it was a relief to move beyond the fragmentation of using two different systems and back to the warm embrace of OF.


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