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Thunderbolt Airs could mean sacrificing one USB port


According to Apple Insider the new MacBook Airs with Sandy Bridge processors will go into production next month for a June launch. Among the features touted is a Thunderbolt port. This would be welcome now that other models in the Mac range have adopted the new technology. But I’ve taken a close look at my current late-2010 11in Air and cannot see how a Thunderbolt port could be added without sacrificing one of the two USB connectors.

If that is actually the case, I am not happy at the trade off. The single USB port on the original 13in MacBook Air was a big disadvantage and the two ports on the new 11in are so much more practical. Even the new 13-in model doesn’t seem to have space for a Thunderbolt port in addition to the two USBs unless the SD card slot is sacrificed—but even then I’m not sure if there is sufficient depth in the tapered enclosure.

Until Thunderbolt peripherals become more common I would not want to lose the second USB port.


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