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Apple Wireless Keyboard with new keypad


For years I have continued to prefer the wired full-size Apple keyboard simply because of the keypad. I do quite a lot of number crunching and I have always found myself hunting for the keypad when using the diminutive Apple Wireless Keyboard. No longer, though. I’ve found a neat clip-on Bluetooth keypad which pairs neatly with Apple’s keyboard.

The LMP Bluetooth Keypad, which I found in an authorised Apple reseller, is a perfect match for the standard keyboard. It even looks as though it has been made by Apple, and the packaging is so Apple-like that it’s easy to mistake the box for a genuine part.

Construction is identical to the Apple unit, the only difference being the LMP logo instead of the Apple. It takes two AA batteries (more batteries….) but I think it will be worth it to have the convenience of the extra function keys and the 10-key number pad.

Cost here in Greece was €40 but I see from Google that it can be had for under $40.


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