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Sack the butler, sync your Aga from the iPhone


I’ve always fancied an Aga cooker but lacked the mansion to go with it. Now, though, I might just be tempted to remodel the kitchen. The new Aga Total Control can be fired up in eight minutes, ready to fry an egg, unlike the several hours needed for earlier models. And, in a very unlikely marriage of convenience, it can be controlled from afar with an iPhone. An app for an Aga, no less.

Introduced in 1935, the heavy cast-iron range from historic Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, has become iconic and is an essential part of any country house. It is even glimpsed in the more progressive suburbs of London, although the six-hour gestation period is a real problem for people who work or don’t have access to a housemaid, complete with her blackleading brush.

In future, though, it’s going to be a doddle to call home from the iPhone and fire up the beast in readiness for dinner. All you need is £9,595 for the Aga and £500 for the phone. That comes to a cool $16,200.


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