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WWDC Agenda: Advance details out of character for Apple


We’re so used to Apple secrecy that we love to guess what will be on the agenda at any given function. The rumour mill often gets it wrong and that’s all part of the fun. Yet this week they’ve told us in advance what is going to be launch next Monday at the World Wide Developers’ Conference.

Now we know that Steve Jobs will be the keynote speaker and he will announce iOS 5, OS X Lion and the much-rumoured iCloud. There’s not much of a surprise here, it’s more or less what everyone expected, but it is particularly interesting that we’ve had advance confirmation of the iCloud name which Apple bought two months ago for an undisclosed number of millions.

Steve will start speaking at 10 am Pacific time on Monday and we’re all agog to find out more about iCloud: What sort of music streaming service it will offer and whether or not it will incorporate MobileMe and, perhaps, replace the MM name. I am hoping in particular that the MM sync service will become free or, at least, much cheaper than it is at the moment. 


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