Home Tech Ladurée: Apple’s upmarket coffee annexe in Covent Garden

Ladurée: Apple’s upmarket coffee annexe in Covent Garden


I’ve always thought there is one thing missing from the typical Apple Store: a coffee shop. Bookshops have them and they’re a good place to sit and soak up the atmosphere, not to mention soak up the excellent wifi signal. Sadly, I suppose, they couldn’t compete in financial returns with iPhones and MacBook Airs. Not when I’m sitting there all day with a capuccino and a gingerbread soldier.

Wait. Visitors, preferably of well-heeled variety, have a solution right opposite the flagship Covent Garden store in London. French chain Ladurée have a wonderful pavement establishment where you can sit with Apple on your right and the clowns and entertainers of Covent Garden on your left. There’s no place like it on a summer’s morn. What’s more, I have it on reliably authority that the Apple Store wifi penetrates to the tables. If you fancy a fancy petit déjuner after you’ve bought your new black MacBook Air, look no further.


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