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iPad + keyboard makes good travelling companion


iPad laptop on the 15.19 express from Brighton to London, June 23. Pity about Mr. Blurry iPhone camSince I started carrying an Apple wireless keyboard and a Twelve South Compass stand, my iPad has become a much more efficient tool for on-the-go working as well as reading. The footpegs of the stand are just high enough to let the keyboard slip underneath and the iPad, either in landscape or portrait mode, is held at the ideal angle for reading and working. The trio of items is no more difficult to set up than opening the lid of my MacBook Air. The main advantage, though, is that you get out the keyboard and stand only when you reallyy need them. The rest of the time the iPad is a fully-functional standalone device. I like the arrangement and I am now carrying my MacBook Air only when I really need to do work that is beyond the capability of the iPad. I’m becoming addicted.



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