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OmniFocus for iPhone gets iPad’s Forecast mode


Last year’s OmniFocus iPad app has up to now been the best iteration of the popular project management system. The older iPhone version and the even older Mac program have been existing very much in the shade of the iPad app with its wonderful Forecast mode.

Now Forecast mode has come to the iPhone with version 1.10. Speed tweaks and other improvements will make planning on the iPhone dramatically easier and more fun. Recently, I’ve felt deprived when moving back to the phone after using the iPad app with its Forecast view.

The new view, which is essentially identical to that on the iPad except that you don’t see as many days forward, replaces the old Due and Overdue filters.

In my opinion OmniFocus is the best project and task manager on both OS X and iOS platforms and all we are now waiting for is version 2.0 of the Mac application—including Forecast view—and we will all be very happy users.

Read all the details in Ken Case’s post at the Omni Blog.


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