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MacBook Airs, Lion and Spotify Scriptures


Yesterday, after all the rumours, turned out to be a damp squib in terms of Apple announcements. Nothing daunted, the rumourists now believe the new Airs are actually sitting in Apple Stores in boxes marked DO NOT OPEN. Next Thursday is now slated as introduction day for Airs, Thunderbolt-equipped Cinema displays and new Mac Minis. The most likely explanation for the delay is that OS X Lion is not yet quite ready. It’s pretty obvious all the new computers, whether en route from China or sitting in the back rooms at Apple Stores, will have Lion pre-installed. So it’s equally obvious the new stuff cannot be released until Lion makes its way to the App Store.

If yesterday was a routine day at Apple, it certainly wasn’t so at Spotify. At long last US consumers have their hands on Europe’s favourite music-streaming service. So far they’re loving it. I’ve been a convert for a year and I’ve all but stopped using iTunes except for iPhone and iPad sync. Admittedly I had a motley (spotty?) collection of music ripped from ancient CDs in very poor quality. The few tracks I’ve bought in recent years are neither here nor there; and I can listen to them in better quality of Spotify. Spotify means freedom and the monthly subs are reasonable—even the top-level sub is about the same as buying one album a month. I think we are going to hear a lot more of Spotify in the next few weeks.

One new convert is the ingenious Dr. Drang of Leancrew.com. Never slow to delve under the hood, the capable doctor has discovered a “decent” AppleScript library and, seemingly within seconds, he’s written a series of scripts to get the most out of Spotify. It’s all Greek to me, but Geeks will love it. Dr. Drang is certainly sold.


¹ At least I thought the monthly subs were reasonable until I read that our £4.99 turns into $4.99 and the £9.99 to $9.99. Shurely shomthink wrong here, Mr. Spotify? Even taking into account the fact that VAT is included in the UK subs, a straight one-to-one seems unreasonable bearing in mind that one pound is supposed to be worth $1.60. Maybe it’s an introductory offer, but I guess not. We deserve a discount on this side of the Atlantic.


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