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Dual SIM iPhone case allows use of two numbers


Dual-SIM phones are nothing new, but iPhone users have been excluded from the party so far. Now it’s possible to use two different accounts on one phone by means of an ingenious case developed by Italian company Vaveliero. It works by using a SIM-tray adaptor with a flat extension cable which connects to the second SIM fitted into an indent on the inside of the case, behind the phone. Despite the extra gubbins, the case looks perfectly attractive and serviceable.

The option to change carriers appears in Settings as SIM1 and SIM2 where the desired ISP can be selected manually. Alternatively, a timer can be set to make the change. I could envisage this being useful when flying to another country where the local SIM can be up and running as soon as you touch down. More valuable, though, is the ability to swap between numbers on the fly, especially when abroad. If you’re using a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM in your phone you’re unable to check your home number unless you have a separate phone or you swap cards. With this case it’s so much easier. 

I spend too much time swapping SIMs when I’m travelling and this case, costing €49.90 could be the answer.

Vaveliero via 9to5 Mac


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