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Shawn Blanc on the HP TouchPad 1.0


If you own an iPad and want to know what the opposition is up to, look no further than Shawn Blanc’s great and detailed review of the HP Touch Pad. But let’s cut to the quick:

As a tech writer it was great to be able to use and live with the TouchPad for a while. There are many things I appreciate about webOS, and I’m glad I was able to spend some time with a non-Apple device for once. But, alas, the TouchPad is far less likable than I expected it would be. As it is I would not recommend it to anyone I know — even my friends with webOS phones.

That said, as Shawn says, the HP TouchPad does have redeeming features and in some areas it could show a thing or two the iPad. But it’s just not enough to outweigh the annoying bits.


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