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Why Apple succeeds, others fail


Mike Rundle of Flyosity

If someone is trying to understand why Apple products do well and they’re putting them in a feature comparison matrix against competitors, they’re already doing it wrong. When the iPod first launched it famously had “less space than a Nomad” but it ended up dominating the industry. The specs for Nokia’s high-end smartphones blow the iPhone’s away but their U.S. market sales are abysmal and almost non-existent. The iPad doesn’t compare well against a netbook in a feature-to-feature lineup but it has over 2,000,000 sales in less than 2 months.

Apple’s products sell because they focus on the overall user experience and how people actually use the device, from when they buy it in an Apple Store to the first time they open the lid on a MacBook Pro all the way through its lifetime. Apple treats each product as something special by itself; a treat for the person who bought it. Even the cheapest iPod nano has beautifully-executed packaging while other companies throw their most expensive products in a cheap, brown, cardboard box.

This is an old post from June, but Mike makes a lot of sense.



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