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Summer rumours on the beach, iPhones, tablets


I’m back after snoozing on the beach for the past few weeks. Regular readers who have been fretting can be assured that I’m tanned but not silenced. Yet despite having my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone on hand I’ve been lazy and nothing much, except Steve Jobs’ resignation, could shake me out of my torpor.

Now I’m back in harness and have been reflecting on the summer silly season and all the rumours, particularly, the seesaw specification expectations for the new iPhone. Almost daily the screen has been shrinking and expanding, the physical appearance has changed from being a replica of the iPhone 4 to a completely new design with aluminium back, teardrop shape and ever-so-narrow bezel. Long ago I decided not to peddle rumours and wait for the real thing.

As usual with expected Apple designs, we never really know until the day the announcement is made. So September is going to be an interesting month, with most people thinking that the new phone will debut this week or next, with deliveries starting in early October. And then there’s the Kindle tablet which is leaking like crazy, quite unlike Apple’s tight-rein policy. At $250, this little device could upset Apple’s domination of the market. Bye bye beach for a few months.


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