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Mobile systems breeding like rabbits


Horace Dediu, I swear, is charting most of the day. His insights are always impressive, but his latest glimpse of mobile operating systems takes the biscuit—for this month, at least.

My radar of course, picks up the signal from iOS loud and clear and it beeps constantly on Android. BlackBerry and Windows Phone are flickering on the edge of my vision while WebOS is moving out of sight. What’s Bada, though? Or Tapas, for that matter.

I am woefully ill-informed, I fear. It’s good, therefore, that we have Mr. Dediu to gather together all the rag, tag and bobtail systems out there.

It seems that they are proliferating like Bobtail the rabbit. Just one (Palm OS) in 1996 and now there are fifteen scrabbling for attention or dying gracefully. View them in this masterpiece on the right. There’s a more in-depth assessment on the Asymco site.


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