Home Tech Dyson Hot: Must-have room heater for Dyfanbois

Dyson Hot: Must-have room heater for Dyfanbois


I’ve written before about my love for Dyson products. I hate housework but I have this insane belief that a new, super vacuum cleaner will do the work for me. So it is that I have accumulated no fewer than three Dysons. The three vacuuming bears.

Daddy bear, a real Animal, stands tall and sports a huge plastic ball which moves every which way to position his sucking gear in just the right spot. Mummy bear is a buxom cylinder Animal with lots of useful accessories an an appetite for work. While baby bear, known in the family as City, is minute, has all the accessories and can be held in one hand. He is by far the most useful member of the family.

Despite all this this industrial-strength sucking power I remain disappointed that these wonders don’t do the job unaided. They need pushing, pulling and long connecting cables, just like any other. But they are gorgeous.

I’ve resisted the Dyson fan, which also looks fabulous but seems a tad expensive for what you get. I doubt, however, that I will muster the slightest resistance to the new Dyson Hot. Mr D’s new space heater threatens to make central heating redundant. It looks wonderful and as a gadget is hard to resist.

Dyson Hot: Now Dyson wants to replace your central heating



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