Home Tech October 4: On the spot for Apple’s media event

October 4: On the spot for Apple’s media event


It was definitely an inspired guess when I booked myself to be in San Francisco during the first week of October. Like most observers, I fully expected the Apple media event to have taken place in September. The most I hoped for was to be able pick up one of the new phones at a Bay area Apple Store. Not so. But I was spot on with my September 30-October 9 booking.

It’s good, too, that I found a hotel, in Berkeley, away from the bustle of central SF, and booked it early. Now, I suspect, there isn’t a room to be had for the nights of October 3 and 4. I don’t suppose I’ll get an invitation to the big event and will be reduced to monitoring proceedings at a nearby Starbucks. At least I’ll be able to soak up the atmosphere and report direct from the horse’s stable.


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