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Plastic packaging: A rant against waste, bulk and inaccessibility


I am no eco-warrior and do not subscribe to the religion of carbon footprints and all such stuff. But I do hate the modern trend to plastic display packaging that is impossible to open without risk to life and limb. It’s all so unnecessary, especially when we have the good example of Apple with their cardboard boxes and minimalist approach.

My phobia returned this morning when I bought the Bose headphones (see previous post). Despite being enclosed in a cardboard box, inside they were securely locked in a substantial plastic case that, so far, as resisted all efforts to prise open. Usually I have a large pair of scissors to hand for such a task, but what to find in the typical hotel room? So far I have admitted defeat and will have to go to reception to find a strong arm and some form of shearing implement.

It’s all so unnecessary and wasteful. It is also dangerous. I have previously ranted to Belkin, just one of the many offenders, and now I direct my ire towards Bose. One of these days someone will chop off a finger and sue some not-so-hapless accessory manufacturer for a million or two. Pity about the finger, but I would welcome something like this happening. It will teach the marketeers and the packaging “experts” a good lesson.

Governments are keen to banish plastic bags from supermarkets, so why do they allow this sort of wasteful, infuriating and dangerous plastic packaging to continue?



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