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iOS Update: iPhone success, iPad disaster


It was too good to be true. My iPhone updated went well, both my OS X downloads were perfect. The iPad, however, is a disaster zone. Part way through the download and update process I got a message to say the download could not be completed. I tried again and went through all the hoops. Then I was told that the backup could not be restored. I had no option but to restore the iPad to factory settings, which means I will have lost all the settings and, probably, quite a bit of application data. Still, not the end of the world. But now I am told that the iPad cannot be restored: Error 3014. I checked this on the Apple site and they recommended a terminal command to the clear the cache, which I did. Again, I get the same error. By now I’m too tired to fiddle more, but it is rather disappointing after all the optimism of the first few hours.


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