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iPhone 4S: Apple Care+ for new phone not available in the UK


Just after setting up my new iPhone I remembered that I should consider buying the new Apple Care+ that we’ve all ready about. This includes two instances of accidental damage which can be put right for a small extra charge of $49. Apple Care+ costs $99 in the USA, compared with standard Apple Care at $69.  Sounds a pretty good idea, although I’ve never bothered with Apple Care for my phones before. I buy it for Macs, but I’ve never thought it worthwhile for the iPhone.

I had also read that Apple Care+ must be bought together with the phone, but early buyers would be given fourteen days’ gave from today. This is in contrast to the standard Apple Care which can be bought at any time within the first twelve months of ownership.

The on-line Apple Store was offering to sell me Apple Care for £61, but there was no + sign in evidence and absolutely no mention of the accidental damage provisions. And it was still the deal that could be bought within the next twelve months.

Fortunately I hadn’t pressed the BUY button but I called Apple just to make absolutely sure that there isn’t a new, plussified product lurking in the wings. I got a definite no. Apple Care+ appears to be for the USA only at the moment. A pity.


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