Home Tech Siri, can we shoot burglars now? No comment

Siri, can we shoot burglars now? No comment


My home street has been plagued by a nocturnal “professional¹” thief who appears on our CCTV between three and four wearing a hoodie, trying car doors and attempting to gain access to houses. Now that we have a more relaxed attitude to the human rights of trespassers in the UK, I thought I would ask Siri’s advice:

“Siri, can we shoot burglars now?”

“Michael, I cannot understand your question unless you are in the USA and speak American English.”

“Are you hedging your bets?”

“No comment, Michael”


¹ The “professional thief” moniker comes from our local police who have viewed the CCTV but decline to act because they can’t identify him. 



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