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Noel Gallagher: iPhones are for Cockneys and Hunts


Noel Gallagher: iPhones are for Cockneys – Pocket-lint

Cockey Pearly Kings near the Covent Garden Apple Store. Cockneys love iPhones, so up your Apples and Pears, NoelI’m not a fan of Noel Gallagher, so it doesn’t depress me to find that Gallagher is one of those people who thinks an iPhone is a phone. He prefers his Nokia dumbphone.

The ability to make phone calls is a sort of bonus feature of a small handheld computer, which is in reality what the iPhone has become. I hardly ever make phone calls these days because there are far better and more efficient ways of keeping in touch. Hence I don’t want something the size of a matchbox.

Gallagher’s views, asterisks included, are forthright:

I just want a basic 1994 Nokia mobile. I can keep it in my back pocket and just do the basics with it – phone and text. What would I need a camera on it for? iPhones are for Cockneys and ****s. And they are far too big

Load of cobblers, really, as the Cockneys say. But I’m nonetheless intrigued by the four asterisks. What on earth could he mean? I suspect it must be Cockney rhyming slang as in:

  • Apples and Pears, stairs
  • Barnet: Hair, as in Barnet Fair
  • Adam and Eve: Believe, as in “would you Adam and Eve it?”
  • Look: Butcher’s, as in Butcher’s Hook
  • Prick: Wick, as in Hampton Wick
  • Noel Gallagher, ****s  (Hunts as in Fox Hunts)


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