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Siri Unmasked: British voice-over king is the man


Siri the Brit is Jon Briggs, one of Britain’s foremost voice-over artists who is perhaps best known for his “you are the weakest link”. Clearly he is now one of the strongest links and is destined for stardom among Apple aficionados. John. the self-styled On Air Male, recognised his voice only when he saw iPhone 4S ads on television. Six years ago he recorded 5,000 sentences for Scansoft which subsequently merged with Nuance, the company behind Siri.

I cannot imagine bosses in Cupertino will be overjoyed that Siri has been exposed in this way. Apple has a well-deserved reputation for secrecy on such matters. But I am sure that iPhone users who switch to British English (a tautology, I believe) will be pleased to put a name to the voice.

(via The Telegraph)

See also Jon’s personal blog here and listen to some other work here



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