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MG Siegler: Spec is dead, long live the ecosystem


The Death Of The Spec | TechCrunch

On paper, the Nook Tablet is the Android-based reading tablet to buy. It has twice the RAM of the Kindle Fire, twice the built-in storage space, a better battery, and it’s lighter to boot. Yes, it’s $50 more expensive, but come on, the RAM difference alone is worth well more than that. Clearly, this is the better value for your money. And yet, the Nook Tablet will not outsell the Kindle Fire.

Why should an under-specced Kindle Fire sell better than the Nook? On paper the Nook is the better buy, despite its higher cost. Why is the iPhone so desirably when Android competitors sport higher specs and bigger screens? The answer, according to MG Siegler, is that people no longer care about specs. All they want to buy into the ecosystem. Both Amazon and Apple have unrivalled ecosystems to make the user feel good and want to spend on media.


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