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Growing iPad penetration of corporate world


New research by IDG confirms previous reports than the iPad is making big inroads into the corporate sector. In Europe, 80% of professionals owning an iPad use the device for work-related tasks and 40% of devices are supplied by their companies. In the USA the figure is even higher, at 93%, although only 13% are lucky enough to have their boss pick up the tab. To read the full report following this link.

Although there is still doubt whether the iPad can be considered a computer, the fact is that Apple’s tablet is cannibalising the laptop market. Three quarters of professionals surveyed carry their laptops around less while over half say that their iPad has partly replaced their laptop. In Europe, 23% claim that the iPad has completely replace their laptop.

Microsoft should be concerned by this confirmation of the iPad’s penetration into the business world. Microsoft has always dominated the corporate market but the success of the iPad will be seen as a trojan horse for Apple products. As more professionals are exposed to the iPad and the Apple eco-system, pressure will increase for corporate adoption of Apple computers. This, I suspect, will happen earlier in small businesses, in particular in start-ups, where one individual can decide IT strategy.

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