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MacBook Air: Rippling screen solved by replacement


My late-2010 MacBook Air is back, pristine and in full working order after a visit to Apple’s workshops. I took it to the Covent Garden Apple store on January 11 because I had noticed a ripple effect on the screen, a little bit like a constantly moving wave. The problem was diagnosed as analogue interference and a new screen was needed. Although the computer is 14 months old, the lid-and-screen unit was replaced without charge under the Apple Care warranty. If I hadn’t had Apple Care, the cost would have been £244. Has anyone else experienced a rippling screen on a MacBook Air?


  1. I think I've got it on a MacBook Pro, but Apple in Milton Keynes told me that it needed a new logic board at a cost of £400 (out of warranty and no Apple Care such was my trust in Apple workmanship). Haven't got around to getting it sorted yet as it's only present when using the on board graphics card rather than the more powerful one (switched between by selected 'better performance' or better battery life' under power settings), but it does mean that battery life drops from 7hrs+ to 2hrs max! 🙁


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