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Secrecy in Suction: Dyson battens down the hatches


Lawyers are understood to be involved in several cases of alleged intellectual property theft. That, in turn, has led to heightened security….Third parties are prevented from going near sensitive parts of the complex –

Robert Lea, writing in The Times today.

Cupertino, California? No, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, suction capital of the west. Sir James Dyson is getting as jumpy as Jobs in the face of copycat competition. Already, in some countries, Dyson (or Dooson as some will have it) is becoming a generic term for bagless cleaners. Hoover long ago relinquished its name to become a generic for the old-fashioned bagged vacuum. Dyson needs to fight to avoid a similar fate.

Apple fans have an affinity for Dyson. They recognise the design flare of Sir James and, I suspect, many of them have a Dyson of some type in their closets. They also lust after Dyson fans, both the hot-air and the cool-air variety, and love to stick their hands in those ultra-efficient hand driers when on public duty.

I think the admiration is mutual. Yesterday, while collecting my MacBook Air from Apple’s Covent Garden store, I noticed three of Sir James’ circular blowers wafting over the heads of the assembled geniuses. What company other than Dyson could meet Apple’s exacting standards for a fan?


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