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BlackBerry boldly goes where everyone else fears to tread


It’s sad to see BackBerry fall from grace with such speed. Four years ago Obama became the first BlackBerry-wielding President and the Canadian company had a near monopoly of the business mobile phone market. What could possibly go wrong?

Even a year ago no businessman would be seen without his BlackBerry. Now, unfortunately, the BB is firmly in the hands of the youff, particularly here in Saaf London: No self-respecting hoodie or would-be rioter can manage without his little RIM phone when planning new mischief. The result is that business users are ashamed to be seen with a BlackBerry and are turning in great numbers to iPhones and Android devices. Even without the memories of last year’s service outage, RIM would have a problem.

This credibility gap will not be addressed by BlackBerry’s latest advertising campaign featuring The Bold Team, an animated quartet of multi-cultured kids. According to Gizmodo, this is RIM’s attempt to capture the youth market. Seems to me they have already captured the wrong sort of youth market. Youths with any taste are now preferring the iPhone.


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