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The big story in the iPad 3 launch will be the price of the iPad 2


When it comes to the launch of the iPad 3 there should be lots to digest. But the big story will not be the new model but the lowered price of the existing model. The iPad 2 will become like the iPhone 4 to the 4S.

Everyone believes the launch of the iPad 3 will be used to announce a lower entry price to the Apple tablet range. With Amazon setting the loss-leader benchmark for a seven-inch tablet at $199, there is plenty of scope for Apple to extinguish the Fire with a the 10-inch iPad at a few dollars more and still make a profit.

At the right price, the iPad is capably of blowing away the competition. It is doing very nicely, thank you, even with an entry tag of $499. So imagine an iPad 2 at $399 or, better still, $349.

Today AppleInsider gives us more information on the expected third-generation iPad launch.


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