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The iPad at work: More on ditching the laptop


Hot on the heels of my story about Don McAllister’s experimental iPad-only vacation comes this piece from Dan Moren in Macworld. He concludes:

Is the iPad ready to be your only computer? It’s not quite ready to be mine, but I doubt that’ll be the case forever. I saw enough in these few days to realize that the iPad will soon be ready for whatever I throw its way. That will happen in part because the iPad will adapt and change. But so will we.

The point about this is that the iPad is almost capable of turning into a mainstream productivity workhorse for mainstream productivity people. But what about all those millions who use a computer for leisure, a bit of web browsing and a clutch of emails to family and friends? For them, the iPad is already fully capable of doing everything they want. If the professionals are almost convinced, the hoi polloi need not give it a second thought. The iPad (or an Android tablet) is all the computer they want or need. What’s more, tablets have virtually no learning curve.

The post-PC era is definitely here. I shall write more on this phenomenon in a future post.


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