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Apple products I will buy in 2012


In this game you need to plan ahead and, maybe, not take too much notice of the daily rumours. This year I am definitely due for a new iPad 3 (or whatever it is called) and I’m expecting to be getting out the credit card sometime in April. A new iPhone 5, in autumn, is also a given.

But the third item on my wish list has been rather overlooked in recent news. It’s a new 11in MacBook Air. Poor deprived thing that I am, I still soldier on with my late-2010 model. I’ve been sorely tempted to give in and get the newer, faster Air, but I can’t help feeling there is something new in the offing.

I could cope with being upstaged a bit on the performance stakes, but the last thing I want is to find a new design hitting the shelves just after I buy.

As usual, this is a dilemma. Rush in too early and I could be left with egg on my face. Trouble is, I have a list of would-be buyers for all three devices and I’m running out of excuses on the Air front. This is one occasion when I would really welcome a good juicy rumour.



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