Home Tech iPad eggs on police to break into wrong house

iPad eggs on police to break into wrong house


Police in Nottingham, assiduously following Find My iPhone, broke into an empty house by mistake and caused £500-worth of damage to the door. The house owner, Robert Kerr, has been told that he is not eligible for compensation. Says Mr. Plod:

The iPad showed the location of the iPhone inside your property in Rufford Road. Officers reasonably believed the offender was hiding inside the property with the stolen iPhone.

Perhaps Mr. Kerr has a claim against Apple. Join the queue, Robert…..

On the one hand it is heartening to find the British Police following the example of their Athens colleagues as in the case of my stolen iPad and MacBook Air. On the other, it is perhaps expecting too much for the GPS system to narrow down the search to one particular house in a street. Or is it? Anyone else have hard and fast experience of Find My Etc, etc?


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