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iPad HD name makes sound marketing sense


Accessory companies, including Griffin and Belkin, are apparently listing cases for the “iPad HD”, according to Apple Insider. While we are still in rumour territory, with five days to go to launch, I have to say I warm to the concept. “iPad 3” has always been a holding name for the purposes of rumour-mongering, so it is highly unlikely that Apple would choose such a prosaic moniker.

There are already strong indications that the existing iPad 2 model will be sold in tandem with the new, perhaps even including a cut-price 8GB version. And since we are fairly certain that a high-definition retina-display screen will be the main selling point of the new iPad, HD is an obvious choice. It draws a very clear line between the old and the new without unnecessarily devaluing the iPad 2’s currency.

An “iPad 3” would automatically relegate iPad 2 to the position of last year’s model in the eyes of the general buying public. But to keep iPad 2 as a mainstream model while adding an HD version at a premium price makes sound marketing sense. Buyers could then choose from two current models rather than this year’s model or last years. It is a subtle difference but one that will appeal to the mass market.

I have already walked round to the bookies with a £1 bet on iPad HD.


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