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Learning from the experience of others


I’m a hoover for lists: Ten things you must do today; eight apps you cannot do without; five things to do before you die. I seldom agree with all the tips and, usually, find several suggestions I do not agree with. But the nice thing is that these are opinions, things that other people hold most dear. You can learn a lot from this. And, invariably, there is one gem that sets you off in a whole new direction. Try these from today’s mailbox:

10 of the best free apps that sync with other devices

Takeaway tip: Week Cal, a great little app that displays all your week’s appointments. But it’s actually a fully featured calender app, including day, week, month and year views. Definitely worth a look. The only snag is that, contrary to the objective of this particular list, Week Cal isn’t free. I had to pay £1.49 but it’s worth every penny. Move it down to 7 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For.

8 things every camera owners should know about their camera

Takeaway tip: Remembering the sweet spot on your lens. We assume a zoom lens is going to give excellent results throughout its range. But there are sweet spots and sour spots; they just need to be remembered if you are going to get the best out of a zoom.

6 excellent iPhone apps worth paying for

Takeaway tip: FlightTrack Pro. I paid for this two years ago and have neglected it. It is now reinstalled on my iPhone and will be pressed into service next week when I go to China.

5 productivity tips that will positively change your life

Takeaway tip: Moderation in everything you do. Amen.



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