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The Instapaper versus Readability debate


I’m a long-time fan of Instapaper, Marco Arment’s read-later system which collates everything I want to read or make the subject of an article for MacFilos. I can “Send to Instapaper” from anywhere, and access to my Instapaper articles is built in to my all-time favourite iPad writing tool, Writing Kit.

Now I hear there is a new kid on the block. Or, more precisely, an old kid with a suit of new clothes: I have been so pleased with Instapaper that I haven’t used Readability in the past. Others have, and some respected writers have announced their defection to the new guy. Marco Arment takes this philosophically and gets on with providing a great service.

As I say, I know little about Readability but, as usual, I know a man who does. Ben Brooks is another Instapaper fan but he is also a long-time user of Instapaper. In this article he discusses the pros and cons of Instapaper versus Readability. I learned a lot and I’m sticking with Instapaper.


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