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iA Writer comes to the iPhone


Minimalist writing app, iA Writer, is now available for the iPhone and can be installed without charge if you already own the original iPad version. Great news for writers.

iA Writer for the iPad and Mac is a great app which allows you to focus on the text without any distractions. It has been my editor of choice on both platforms for several months, although I have to say that I have now defected to Writing Kit on the iPad because of its in-built research facilities and superior abilities with Markdown (for the inexperienced Markdown user, that is).

Fortunately, because most notes apps use straightforward text files, you can have the best of both worlds. I regularly use iA Writer when I want to immerse myself in a topic and have no need to keep switching back and forth to reference material. When in magpie mode I prefer Writing Kit. I use the same Dropbox folder for both apps so there is a seamless transition between documents. Incidentally, iA Writer allows browsing of the entire Dropbox folder, unlike many other notes apps, including Writing Kit, which are linked to just one pre-defined sub-folder.

The iPhone version of iA Writer manages to squeeze all the goodness of the iPad version into the smaller screen. Federico Viticci of Macstories has had his hands on the iPhone app throughout the beta phase and he has reviewed it at length. If you are seriously into writing, have a read.


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