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If the iPad is a PC, so is the iPhone


What is a personal computer? Until last year there was not much doubt that a PC was a traditional computer with a screen and keyboard. It ran Windows or OS X or even Linux. Now things have changed. I believe tablets such as the iPad have to be regarded as personal computers. They can do almost as much as the traditional PC and, for the vast majority of users, are really all they need.

Patrick Rhone at Minimalmac takes things a step further and I think I agree with him. If the iPad is a personal computer, then so is the iPhone.  Apart from the smaller screen, the iPhone can do everything the iPad can do. It can even make phone calls, although that has become very much a minority activity on my particular iPhone. As Patrick says:

Despite the fact I had both my iPad and MacBook Air with me and close at hand. The iPhone was the one best fitted to almost every situation I found myself in. Unobtrusive, agile, and the one with a constant and reliable internet connection.

Traditional PCs, tablets and, even smartphones, are now capable of serious work and all deserve to be called personal computers. In fact, how much more personal could you get than an iPhone?


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