Home Tech Choosing an iPad: Grandma knows best

Choosing an iPad: Grandma knows best


Most of us have direct evidence of older people being drawn to a new iPad when they have little interest in using a “computer” and experiencing all the hassle that goes with it. T.J.Luoma, writing in TUAW has crafted a great iPad buyers’ guide aimed squarely at parents and grandparents, not to mention the rapidly rising generation of older singles and couples without children.

He goes into all the ins and outs of storage capacity, connectivity, even colour, and concludes that the best buy is a black 32GB model with both wifi and 3G/4G. He concedes that the basic 16GB wifi model will suit many, but the advantages of the extra storage and connectivity make the add-on cost worthwhile. Buyers of the new iPad should also be aware that retina-adjusted apps will become larger and could tip the scales in favour of more storage.



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