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Text Editors: The definitive guide to all the features


Text editors for iOS devices are ten a penny; they represent one of the most prolific categories in the productivity field. We all have our favourites. Mine is currently Writing Kit, but last year I was hooked on Notesy (which is still brilliant but lacks WK’s built-in research features).

Now there’s no need to read all those interminable reviews. Brett Terpstra has done the job for you and produced an interactive tool linking to a a composite assessment of no fewer than 38 apps, from AppWrite to Writings, via Vim and Nocs. I hadn’t heard of at least half of them. Brett will be maintaining the tool as long as he can so that users and developers can continue to add their updates.

Just look at this incredibly detailed Google spreadsheet of features and feel humble, very humble. Not only do we get a feature-by-feature summary, Brett gives us a review panel for every app, with contributions from users. If anything deserves to be called awesome, this is it.

To read the full article, and access the spreadsheet, follow the link below.

(Via Brettterpstra.com)


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