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First Impressions: Byword for Mac and iOS


At last count I had a different text editor for every day of the year. While there’s no chance of boredom, there is a sense of text overload. I lust after the tranquility of having just one absolutely perfect app, an App for All Seasons and Reasons.

I’ve written at length about Writing Kit, praising the highly convenient built-in research capabilities. I love it on the iPad, less so on the iPhone. But it has one glaring omission: a Mac version.

Over the past couple of months I’ve read conflicting reports about Byword and probably that’s the reason I didn’t try it earlier. But I succumbed when I saw that there is a Mac version of Byword and that both iCloud and Dropbox are available for syncing.

So far I’m loving it. Markdown support is built in to all three versions and there is an excellent Markdown view. Markdown text can be copied easily for insertion into a blog editor.

The ability to start work on the iPad, polish the job in spare minutes on the iPhone and then finish off on the Mac cannot be underestimated.

I have been using Byword for a week and find it ideal for quick posts and all types of drafts. I still prefer Writing Kit on the iPad, but Byword has now taken over on iPhone and Mac. Fortunately, both Writing Kit and Byword can work on the same text files, so I feel I have a great workflow for the time being. I will report in more depth when I have more experience.


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