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Andy no longer lusts after a MacBook Air


Writing for Macworld, Andy Ihnatko
ponders the brave new post-PC world. He draws an interesting conclusion: the iPad is the new go-anywhere computer and he no longer lusts after a new MacBook Air.

I tend to agree with him. A few months ago I was convinced there were many occasions when I just had to carry my MacBook Air.

Recently, though, I have come to realise that almost everything I want to do can be done on the iPad. World-class desktop-style apps are transforming the iOS ecosystem. Writing apps like Byword or Writing Kit; the productivity of OmniFocus, Evernote or Dropbox; the sheer delight and capability of iPhoto: all give me cause to agree with Andy.

I have a 2010 MacBook Air which performs very well. It is barely heavier or bigger than the iPad. I love it and I am looking forward to the upgrade later this year. I will probably buy one because, for longer absences (more than a week), I still prefer to have the comfort of OS X. It’s like a favourite teddy bear. I’ll grow out of it.

But for shorter trips I now travel with the iPad. On some occasions, I am almost as happy with the iPhone. Both can keep me productive.

Andy lusts no more:

No, I no longer wish I had an 11in Air. What I have here – a third-generation iPad and an Apple Wireless Keyboard – is better. I have better-than-good native iOS apps to handle almost all of my mobile needs. When only a desktop app will do, I have VNC, and/or the wonderful OnLive Desktop service that allows me to run Microsoft Office on a virtualised Windows 7 server.

And sums up:

I don’t see doom for the 11in MacBook. But I do think whatever Apple does to this Mac will tell us a lot about how the company wishes to define computing in general, and Mac OS specifically, for the next five years.


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