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iPad as a laptop replacement: One man’s view


Is the iPad now a fitting replacement for a laptop? It’s a question I’ve puzzled over for months. Recently, I have found more and more reasons to go walkies with my iPad rather than my MacBook Air. I now enjoy writing and preparing MacFilos posts on the iPad, where a few months ago it was an uninspiring experience, often requiring post-production fiddling on the Mac. Much of this improvement is down to good writing apps such as Byword and Writing Kit.

I love about workflow opportunities on the iPad and Matt Gemmell has penned a useful insight into his customised workflow. It makes an interesting read. While I could quibble over some individual apps, the main argument–that the iPad is a laptop replacement–is supremely logical.

As a result of one of his recommendations, I decided to try Calvetica on the iPad and now prefer it to Apple’s built-in iCal application. I have been underwhelmed with Calvetica on the iPhone (where I prefer Week Cal) but the additional screen-estate of the iPad makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Every week, it seems, there is more reason to prefer the tablet as a mobile computing platform.


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