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Starbucks Wars: Table hoggers causing mayhem


Why are coffee shops always full? It’s not the cappucinos, it’s the free wifi. Table hoggers are causing upset and angst in the High Street according to a right wordy report in the erudite Journal of Service Research.[1]

The authors, who could do with a lengthy course in the writing of plain English, disclose that customers “engage in territorial behaviours that communicate to other customers that intrusion is not welcome.” Even worse, purchase of a coffee gives customers territorial rights, thus “decreasing turnover and discouraging other customers who want to sit and consume café products.”

I confess to frequent obnoxious territorial behaviour in various branches of well-known coffee chains. I have even been known to buy two café products in an apparently vain attempt to pay my way and avoid upsetting other café product consumers. Despite this I have never been asked to leave, nor have I noticed any obvious signs of distress in fellow coffee consumers. I am fairly sure, also, that I have never bumped into the authors of this gripping research. I must try harder.

Via The Telegraph

  1. Memo to self: Take out a sub to the Journal of Service Research. I wonder if they do a Kindle edition so I can read it in bed?  ↩


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