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Hermes: Your next camera will cost $50,000


After watching this video you will be up for spending $50,000 on the special Leica M9-P Hermès Edition. Oh, and the scarf is $1,000 extra. Better transfer the cash from savings to current account before July.


  1. Many years ago, when I had just left Art college, I had a job with a sort of party and shop window designer, and one of his clients was Hermes in Bond Street. So we were regularly in their windows at night, setting up the shop window displays.

    One thing I came across as we did that work was a bendy biro – perfectly normal except it was bendy and made of gold.
    And the price of this object?

    112 pounds.

    To put that in context, back then I was being paid 12 pounds a week, which was a pretty good wage in those days.

    Never could understand why anyone would be stupid enough to buy such a thing, when a normal biro cost about 2 shillings in Woolworths….


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