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Eric Kim: iPad street photographer in Sydney


The iPad as a street camera? Renowned Korean street photographer Eric Kim, forsook his customary Leica MP film camera in favour of an iPad when he went walkabout in Sydney this week. It’s a new idea and the iPad is arguably the least threatening of cameras. For street photography you need to be unobtrusive and unthreatening, and an iPad certainly no big, brash Canon or Nikon SLR. Of course, Los Angeles-based Kim has the chutzpah to get away with accosting likely subjects. All I get is a punch in the nose. 



  1. I have been using my Nokia mobile phone for that now since I bought the thing in Kashgar about 5 years ago. It is great for taking photos in the street, no one notices as they assume you are simply writing a text…. Ideal for street photography

  2. I think if I saw him pointing an iPad at me on the street that close. I would be a bit angry at him…
    but after a second thought…why not just make a good pose, which I would expect others to do when I am holding a camera.

  3. Tong Xing's comment is exactly what I mean about size. An iPad is simply too big and obvious for street photography I would think. You might as well use a large SLR camera. But as I said, a simple mobile phone is something no one takes any notice of, they simply assume you are sending a text message, and ignore you… Great for taking pictures in the street without causing any problems or posing either.

  4. Yes, Eric was obviously making a joke. The iPhone, which has a better camera than the iPad (at least in the iPad 2, not sure about the new iPad) is a far better tool for street photography. Certainly the last thing you want is a Nikon D800 with a 200mm tele.


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