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Apple’s no-quibble return policy


Today I am again reminded of the pleasure of doing business with Apple. Where else could you buy a computer, take it home and set it up before returning it for a full refund in cash? Most stores require the product to be faulty before a refund; and many still try to get away with issuing a credit note or insisting on an alternative purchase.

With Apple it is easy and straightforward. The computer I purchased yesterday is now on its way back to Apple in Ireland where it will be zapped, repackaged and find its way into the “refurbished” page of the online store. 

Whatever Apple loses by offering such a no-quibble warranty, it gains in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction. From buying a new computer, to partaking in the free introductory course through to the first visit to the Genius Bar for help, the experience is positive and goes a long way to explain Apple’s current run of success. 


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