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First Test: MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adaptor


I received the news of yet another MagSafe adaptor with mixed feelings. Sure, it was necessary to cope with the demands of the latest Airs and the retina MacBook Pro (we are assured) but otherwise it seems to be business as usual.

Unfortnately it renders obsolete our drawerful of old chargers unless we shell out £9 for the snappily titled MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter. Yesterday I bought two of these essential paragons at the Solutions premium reseller in Guildford and saved myself £1 on each. They make me feel nearer my retina to thee.

Just what is the MS to MS2 adaptor all about? There’s a lot more to it than you’d think. See this full, rather tongue-in-cheek unboxing and review posting from OneFootTsunami.com. It’s gripping stuff.

This gives me an idea for more reviews. Hmm, well. What about the USB to Ethernet connector from Apple? It’s a bit of cord with a rather long female Ethernet receptacle and a USB plug on the other end. It works. It’s in white.

Now for the latest and greatest Thunderbolt to Gigabyte Ethernet adaptor. This is a slicker bit of kit, also in Apple white, consisting of a shorter bit of cable, a USB plug and a smaller, neater Ethernet socket. It promises much better performance. It works.

Both these wonderful devices cost £25, making the humble MS to MS2 adaptor a screaming bargain. I think it must be the cheapest Apple product of all time.

The positive cornucopia of connectors necessary for the operation of my upcoming MacBook Pro includes an HDMI cable (£15), a Thunderbolt cable (£39), the two aforementioned white thingummyjigs and an MS to MS2 wotsit. Is there anything missing from this £113 bag of goodies? That I will find out when I unbox the Pro next month.


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