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MacBook Air: SIM-card slot low on the agenda


Time was when a SIM-card slot in the side of the MacBook Air was top of my wishlist. It’s telling, therefore, that no one to my knowledge has mentioned this in the week since the new Airs were announced at WWDC. Nor have I thought about it until now.

The reason is that the iPhone’s HotSpot function works so well. Well enough, in fact, to make the idea of a dedicated port redundant. Better leave the remaining side estate for a more deserving port.

I have been using the HotSpot function more and more in conjunction with my MacBook Air. By far the most sensible way of doing it is by direct cable connection from the iPhone to the computer’s USB port. Not only do you get instant internet on the laptop (after activating HotSpot on the phone, of course), you have constant charging of the phone instead of a continuous battery drain if you use wifi. It’s also more secure than wifi when sitting in Starbucks.

A word of warning: Some carriers expect you to register for use of the HotSpot feature (also known as tethering) and many charge extra. Either way, it’s a cheaper option than maintaining yet another SIM card for the computer.


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