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Cable broadband is never missed until it isn’t there


You never miss something until you lose it. I’ve written many complimentary words about Virgin Media’s UK cable service in the past. In over 15 years I have never had any serious trouble until yesterday. The cable broadband went off at 8 am. I did all the usual things, including rebooting the modem and then went out, fully expecting everything to be back to normal when I got back in the afternoon. It wasn’t. Still no broadband and, tellingly, the cable TV was also dead.

Today, when I had written several blog posts needing Mac finishing, I’m stuck with iPad and iPhone, both with their 3G connections. I feel cut off from the world and I realise just how much I have come to rely on having a constant 50 MB/sec reliable broadband service.

Virgin’s engineer will call tomorrow morning. I suspect it must be a physical cable problem, either here or at the cluttered junction box at the end of the street. Only two weeks ago I called the engineers because of an intermittent break in the TV signal. Now I’ve lost everything. Perhaps mice are the culprits. Above all, I dread the need for major recabling work which could take days or, even weeks. It is an old installation. Fingers crossed that it can be mended easily.


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